Repentance and Forgiveness

Many times in life, you come across certain individuals who persistently commit sins and do not seek the forgiveness of Allah, they believe with full certainty that they will not receive His mercy and consequently choose to increase in evil deeds. This is a grave mistake and misunderstanding. Allah assures us in the Quran that … Continue reading Repentance and Forgiveness

Hijab: trends or Islam?

One of the most beautiful things legislated in Islam for Muslim women is hijab. Contrary to what many people believe, the hijab is not merely a piece of cloth that we drape over ourselves as a symbol of oppression. It is not something we wear because we are forced to by male guardians, or because … Continue reading Hijab: trends or Islam?

Tawakul: Putting your trust in Allah

It was exam season. Anxiety was running through me, pessimistic thoughts were settling into my mind and unwanted tears were falling from my eyes. I was revising for long hours, but I convinced myself that I would fail. In a room not far away from mine, my mother’s student, then pursuing a degree, was seated. … Continue reading Tawakul: Putting your trust in Allah