About MYS

The Muslim Youth Society is a project established by four muslimahs from different walks of life. Through this blog, we aim to tackle some of the issues prevalent with Muslim youth today, and motivate young adults to re-establish their connection with Allah. With the many temptations surrounding us, it can be complicated to practice Islam as ordained by our creator, and so we desire to employ writing as a tool to remind believers about maintaining their focus in life, and abiding by the purpose for which we were created. We believe in preserving our Islamic identities, without fear of societal standards lingering in our path. And we desire to encourage the youth of Islam, generation of tomorrow, to develop pride in following this religion, and eliminate any form of shame of discomfort we may have in this regard.

Our awesome team of writers individually contribute to this blog, employing their personal experience and struggles with their Islamic identities to derive lessons and benefit the youth. Our amazing designer Artission (you can find her on Instagram@Artission), has structured and designed the blog in a way that facilitates it for our readers to keep up to date with the posts, all the while being entertained.

We hope that this project is one that will benefit the Muslim youth, by the will of Allah. None of this would be possible without His help, and we pray that He enables us in benefitting Muslims, and achieving our purpose

-Iman Walker.