Making time for the Quran

The Quran should be in our lives on a daily basis, we should always try to take time out on our days to focus on reading and reciting the Quran. It is also very important for us to understand what we are reading, because sometimes you find people saying, “I’ve finished the Quran” or, “I know everything that is in the Quran” and so on, but you don’t see beauty of the Quran reflected on their behavior.

Ma shaa Allah, it’s amazing to be Hafiz, but if you’re not following what you’re reading, or abiding by the rules that Allah (SWT) has set, then it’s truly your loss. It seems as though people sometimes say it to show off, or make you feel like they’re better than you, the actions of some people are shocking. Their behavior completely contradicts the Quran.
It is so easy for the Quran to get neglected during the time in which we are living in, with phones, video games, TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod…you name it! But SubhanAllah, we have to stop and think about what we are doing here, why Allah has placed us on this earth, and how we can get to Jannah.
I highly recommend having some sort of schedule/time table, so that you can organize your day and not forget to pick that Quran up! After some time, it will become a daily habit to pick up the book of Allah, by His will, you will be reading and reciting it all the time. It really helps us connect with Allah (SWT), and understand our purpose.
Everyone’s goal is to get to Jannah in shaa Allah, and the Quran is a must for that to happen, without it we wouldn’t know what’s halal what’s haram, what we can and cannot do, how to behave and not to behave..the list goes on!
So, in shaa Allah, I hope that this piece will be a nice little reminder for those who feel that they don’t have time in the day to read and reflect upon the Quran, or that it can wait untill tomorrow. It is essential to make  time for the Quran, and try your best to seek as much knowledge as you can, and pass that on to others. And remind for verily a reminder benefits the believer” (51:55)
Aboo Umaamah relates that the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: “Read the Qur’an, for verily it will come on the Day of Standing as an intercessor for its companions.” [Muslim]
‘Uthmaan, may Allah be pleased with him, said that the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: “The best of you are the ones who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others” [Al-Bukhari]
Abdullaah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas quotes the Prophet as saying “It will be said to the companion of the Quran ‘Read and elevate (through the levels of paradise) and beautify your voice as you used to do when you were (alive). For verily, your position in paradise will be at the last verse you recited!’

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