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We all want a fresh start on the first day of a new year as we set goals and try to accomplish them before the year ends. This can be a big step for some people as it is hard setting something, sticking by it and being motivated to fulfill that particular goal or task. No matter what day, month or year you start, it will always be the beginning of an adventure. This is even true if you start at the end of the month or middle of the year, because you’re taking the steps towards change and working to accomplish a goal that motivates you.

As Allah says in the Quran: “Indeed Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” 13:11

You can try t0 finish the Quran, go rock climbing or even sky diving. Whatever you decide, go crazy about your goals and put your trust in Allah. There is no limit as to how much adventure you can have as long as you keep your Islamic responsibilities in mind.

It’s important to note that Allah is in control of your life, but so are you. When setting goals try to make them worth your time, because life is too short for regret. Keep in mind that sometimes you may have to do tasks that you don’t like in order to achieve your objectives. However, don’t despair and allow such things get you down or stop you from reaching your end goal. 

One such time in my life, I wanted to buy myself an iPod that cost 1000 Saudi riyals (not to sure about the exact price but it was around 1000 riyals) and I only had 20! The reason why I wanted to buy an iPod was because I wanted to treat myself instead of always spending my money on makeup. It seemed impossible to reach my goal and I was about to give up as my self-made deadline was just three months away. Alhamdulillah, my mother made a deal with me agreeing that she would pay me 500 riyals if I made her 30 smoothies. Keeping my end goal in mind, this was a great deal and so just 2 months later I had earned 500 riyals. It happened so fast I couldn’t believe it SubhanAllah. Allah had opened the doors and made it so easy for me to earn the money that I needed. 

Sometimes you might feel as if you’re not able to perform a particular task or goal. It’s easy to feel like this because what we’re trying to accomplish is very new and we are human and prone to feeling emotions of doubt as we’re overwhelmed by the big picture of things. 

As Ibnul Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) once said: “Never does Allah, in His Wisdom, close a door upon a servant, except that He opens, from His Mercy, two other doors.”

So have trust in Allah, take the first step and always make your tasks and goals worth the while, and Insha’Allah, Allah will open doors that you could never even possibly imagine and give you the advantages you desire.

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