My spiritual journey: Rekindling that connection with Allah


A believer’s faith fluctuates. This is an undeniable reality. Our faith is not an impenetrable brick wall that remains firm and illuminated throughout our precious time in this life, rather it shifts and changes. At times it is high, mostly when we are worshiping Allah as He should be worshiped and refraining from committing evil deeds, and at other times it takes an inevitable dip, and it is during those phases that we must remind ourselves of the purpose for our creation. We must not allow shaytan to fade that hope we have in Allah, making us believe that we are not worthy of worshiping Him. Allah Exalted is He, in His Knowledge and Mercy, comprehends our struggles, He promises forgiveness and an elimination of the wrongs we commit. With every new dawn that we are blessed to witness, we are offered another opportunity to mend our ways, to commence a journey towards our Creator and indeed rekindle that connection with Him.

Having the motivation to journey towards Allah is often present in a believer’s heart, however, we seldom know how to take the first step. As we begin to search extensively for advice, the amount we have to do may seem overwhelming initially, and this is why it is important to realise that we will not wake up the next day and be perfect Muslims, for indeed only Allah is Perfect. Nor will we wake up and have the ability to fulfill all His commands without occasionally committing mistakes. We must journey slowly and steadily, constantly taking ourselves into account and refusing to burden our souls. We must ensure that we comprehend our purpose, which Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) articulates clearly in His book: “And I have not created jinn and mankind, except that they should worship me alone” [surah a-Dhariyat verse:56].

 Establishing Tawheed, and frequently learning about Tawheed, is essential to this journey. Tawheed is the absolute foundation of our religion, its opposition: shirk, is the worst sin a believer can commit, hence we should take this matter seriously, and allow it to take precedence over everything else in our lives. Salah: this important obligation we are commanded to fulfill only five times a day is frequently neglected, we search day and night attempting to acquire success, and yet our Lord tells us Clearly in His book: “Successful indeed are the believers.”, “Those who offer their prayers with all solemnity and full submissiveness.” [Surah al mu’minoon verses 1 and 2].

We search for hours in vain, attempting to find an answer for that void in our hearts when it sits in the form of a book in our shelves. Believers, we have neglected the Quran too, when it is the ultimate source of guidance, a light in this path we seek to tread on towards Allah. There are many more actions to mention if we want to establish that connection with our Creator, but it is not possible state them entirely in this short post, as I have much to learn myself. And so I advise you to carry a special key with you that will open doors: knowledge. Islamic knowledge is paramount in our lives, it is the way in which we learn about how to worship Allah and grow closer to him. Be sure to acquire authentic knowledge, taught to us by our salaf and scholars, derived from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His messenger sallallahu alayhi wasalam.

The journey to Allah is a beautiful one, it strengthens and firms you as individual, it enables you to relieve yourself from the desperate demands of society and succumb to the will of your Creator only. It is a path that infuses peace and tranquility in your heart, and a path that fulfills your needs and grants you constant happiness. The journey towards Allah should be our principle objective to achieve, so we can be amongst those whom He grants mercy to, amongst those are chosen to enter Jannah.

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