Iman walker

My name is Iman Walker. I am 18 years old, born and raised in the UK, now residing in Saudi Arabia alhamdulilah. Growing up in the West, I sometimes felt as though practicing Islam was a challenge; I was constantly wrestling between my heart demanding to succumb to the will of Allah, and societal standards nagging at me all the time.
As a young adult, I am learning  the hard lesson of adopting pride in following my religion, and refusing to be subservient towards anyone or anything other than my Lord. Utilizing my passion for writing, I desire to instil this similar drive for pride and pleasure in worshipping Allah within the youth of Islam. With all the temptations surrounding us, trials of life and difficulties we encounter, understanding that happiness lies with our connection towards Allah is vital. I hope this blog is one that will benefit muslims and muslimahs alike, and enable us to ignite that relationship with our Creator,  in shaa Allah

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